Submission details

  • Contributions can be published only in German, English or French. Translations from other languages are the responsibility of the author.
  • The articles submitted for publication should not have been previously published elsewhere. Exceptions are to be negotiated with the editors. An article can be published elsewhere after publication in lectio difficilior, under the condition that reference is made to its former publication in lectio difficilior at a prominent place.
  • The copyright of contributions is held by the authors.
  • With every article the source, title and name of the author will be mentionned in such a way, that they appear well readable when printed or downloaded.
  • Printed material, such as internet-pages, should of course be properly and correctly cited. As an electronic journal Lectio Difficilior is particularly concerned with maintaining its integrity with regard to possible plagiarism.
  • Contributions should be sent to

Prof. Silvia Schroer
Theol. Fakultät
Länggassstr. 51
CH - 3012 Bern

  • Duedate for the first issue of the year is April 1, for the second issue October 1.
  • Submission of the contribution: by email with attachment plus, always and in every case, one printout with date and signature sent by ordinary mail.
  • Formatting of the text should be in Microsoft Word.
  • The use of subtitles is recommended. No small caps or indents shoud be used. Italics and bold print may be used.
  • Notes are to appear at the bottom of the documents.
  • In view of the multi-lingual character of both the articles and its readers, abbreviations (of biblical books, but also literature) should not be used.
  • The authors are free to use any system of citation but it should be used in a consistent way throughout. Possible are short references with title or date (Brown, The Bible, 50/Brown 1990:50) with alphabethically ordered bibliography at the end, or full references when mentionned for the first time and abbreviated references afterwards.
  • For Greek, Hebrew and transcription the following fonts should be used, which can be downloaded for free from the website of the Society of Biblical Literature.

For Greek: SPIonic
For Hebrew: SPTiberian
For transliteration: SPAtlantis

  • In case illustrations or other copyrighted material are used, authors are responsible to obtain permissions from the copyright holders. All information concerning illustrations, also the captions, are published in a numbered legend. Reference is made as follows to the illustration at the corresponding place in the text: (illustration 1).
  • The original copies of the illustrations should be sent by mail. Electronic versions of graphics and line drawings are to be saved as .gif and images as .jpeg documents.
  • Articles should not exceed 60.000 characters or 10.000 words.
  • The author should also submit an abstract of maximum 1000 characters or 200 words, if possible, in one of the other languages of the journal.
  • A short biographical note of 2-3 lines is also requested.
  • Please, don't forget to include an address for correspondence (which will not be published).