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Ausgabe 02/2009
Sophie Kauz Frauenräume im Alten Testament am Beispiel der Siedlung

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The main question of this article is, in which spaces or places women live according to Old Testament texts. As a result of a close reading of the whole Old Testament, over one hundred text passages can be found, where women are placed in a space which is mentioned in the text. These passages can be divided into two main groups: on the one hand those referring to settlements and on the other hand those referring to nature (the world outside the settlement). In this article a closer view is given on text passages referring to settlements like e.g. houses, palaces and cities.

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Sophie Kauz,

hat vor kurzem ihr Theologiestudium mit dem Master of Theology (MTh) an der Universität Bern abgeschlossen. Das Thema ihrer Abschlussarbeit lautete: “Drinnen und Draußen. Räume von Frauen im Alten Testament – eine Bestandesaufnahme.“

© Sophie Kauz, 2009,, ISSN 1661-3317


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